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ATTENTION: We are sorry to announce that we will have to cancel the service for tonight. Dick and Betty's granddaughter's 32 year old sister-in-law has tragically died while she was six weeks pregnant. Please pray especially for the Tucker family during this terribly sad time. Our next service will be in July and we will post the date soon. Thank-you in advance for understanding and your prayers. Blessings.

Worship with us! - Our service this month will be on Thursday, June 27, 6PM, ID=669862600 (Go to and click on the "Join a Webinar" button and follow the simple instructions.) Come and join us for a great time of ministry and fellowship. Here's a testimony from Cindy, an attendee at one of our webinars: "Judah called out my name at the webinar and what a blessing it was to hear my name. I felt like I am not forgotten by the Lord it was such a blessing it made me laugh. The word Judah gave was sweet and what I needed to hear. Thanks so much! Cynthia” Our service is an intensive time of personal ministry. It's FREE! Please invite yourfamily or friends. All are welcome. We look forward to meeting you there!

Special Remembrance Service!
Thursday, May 30, at 6PM, PDT, ID=136155161 - We will be hosting a special remembrance service to honor Dick. This month is the one year anniversary of his homegoing and we want to honor his memory and ministry. Betty, Dick's wife, and Debbie his daughter, will be speaking as well as the usual team of David, Judah and Blake. We will also have a time of personal ministry and prayer. We hope you all can come and share "precious memories" with us! To attend: go to and click on the "Join a Webinar" button and follow the simple instructions.

We just finished our service for April and it was a great time of personal ministry. Thank you to eveyone who came and worshipped with us! Here is a testimony we received from tonight's service: "David's word to me was awesome! Such a HUGE blessing to me right where I am at this moment in my life. What a timely word from a very loving, caring, Heavenly Father. Thank-you!" Twila

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"When Jesus went out He saw a great multitude; and He was moved with compassion for them, and He healed their sick." Anytime Jesus was “moved with compassion” or “had compassion” He acted. Check out Matthew 9:36; 14:14; 18:27; 20:34; and Mark 1:41; 6:34. The word "compassion" is a noun, but Jesus made it a verb - an action word. We all, as a nation, even the world, have been full of compassion for the terrible loss recently suffered by the people in Newtown. Jesus responded in a way that we also can respond: He ACTED. His compassion MOVED Him to action. When Jesus saw our need He was moved to DO something about it. Instead of becoming depressed, dark, down, and overwhelmed, He gave what He could: healing. Instead of turing inward, He reached out to help make the circumstances better. We want to encourage you to do the same. The children who died in Newtown are in the arms of the Father, in heaven forever in peace, they don't need our help, but what about the children you know? What about the children on your street?. . .In your neighborhood?. . .In your city?. . .In your state?. . .In the world? What about reaching out, giving what you can to make the situation in your environment, in your circle of influence better? Don't loose heart. (See II Corinthians 4) Don't sit at home depressed, down, feeling hopeless, instead get up, get out, make a move and in honor of that tradegy be MOVED like Jesus to do something to make the world better.


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There are four different kinds of love discussed in Scripture: eros, storge, phileo, and agape. God loves you with an agape love. He loves you as if there were no one else to love in the entire world. He doesn’t love you because you are somebody; He loves you so that you can become the object of His love.

As you read this book, you will come to understand what real love is - God's love - and what human love is. You will learn that God’s love is the highest love available and that it is truly endless. Get your copy for $3.99 today at:

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ATTENTION!! Our next live, Internet service is Thursday, August 23, at 6PM, PDT, ID= 663018744 - we will be hosting our next Webinar. It's been exciting to experience the move of God at these meetings and hear some of the great testimonies. Here's a testimony from Cindy, an attendee at one of our webinars: "Not a question. A deep deep thank you to you all, but tonight, especially to David Michael. I am weeping over the word you gave me. Your word was such a great encouragement." The meetings are an intensive time of personal ministry. It's FREE! Please feel free to invite family or friends. David, Judah, and Blake look forward to meeting you there! -- DMM Team

We had a great service last night at our July 31, Memorial Webinar, and received some great testimonies that we will be sharing with you. Here is one: "Thank you for continuing this ministry. April 10-11, I was listening and writing out Dick's previous Words to others from his last meeting, hoping for a Rhema for my situation, but fell asleep both nights. A couple days later, I received a note/Word from Dick in the mail, dated 4/11/12, the same day that I was "listening" for a Word from Dick. Perhaps I was pulling on his Spirit. I was completely surprised!! Before I could write back, I received the Memorial newsletter and cried. His note to me was as though he was saying, "Good Bye," before he died. Thank you. Be BLESSED! M.J."

REMINDER! Internet service tonight at 6 PM, PDT. Go to and click on "Join a Webinar" button and follow the simple instructions. Tonight's a special memorial service. We hope you all can make it! ID=416499793

UPDATE: Here is a link to our special edition Memorial Newsletter. It's a great tribute to a great man, the ministry's future is also discussed. Click here to read and enjoy!

UPDATE: Dick's grandson Judah, wanted to share a vision Dick told him about while they were traveling. Click here to read - you will be blessed!

UPDATE: We had a beautiful memorial service for Rev. Dick today. He would have loved all the music, stories and "precious memories." Thanks to everyone who so graciously came to share this time with us and to honor Dick. We will be posting some highlights of the service as soon as the editing is completed. Click here to view a copy of the memorial bulletin.

UPDATE: Please click here to read Dick's son, David Michael's tribute to his father.

UPDATE: The memorial service for Dick Mills will be held on Friday, June 1, 2012, at 10:00 a.m., at The Dwelling Place Church, with Pastors Bob and Susan Becket, 27100 Girard St., Hemet, CA 92544. It is a public service and all are welcome. In lieu of and/or in addition to flowers a gift can be made for the continuing and perpetuity of Dick Mills Ministries. You may donate a gift on our WebStore by clicking on the "Shop" link above.

If you would like to stay in the area: Hampton Inn and Suites, 3700 W. Florida Ave., Hemet, CA 92545, 951-506-2331 If you would like to send flowers: The Arrangement Gallery, 951-652-9234 . The Mc Wane Family Furneral Home in San Jacinto, CA will be handling all arrangements: 350 N. San Jacinto St., San Jacinto, CA 92543, 951-658-9497.

Betty especially wishes to express her gratitude again to everyone and to let you all know how encouraged she is and blessed by all your love and support.

UPDATE: On May 25, in the early morning hours, Dick Mills went from the arms of his family to the arms of the Lord. The Body of Christ has lost a powerful prophet of God who spent his life seeking the Lord and serving Him in a pure and upright way. His voice and ministry will be missed by many, but the legacy of the call of God will be the prophetic word he as spoken into the lives of tens of thousands of people across the world. While many of these words have come to pass, and his voice may be stilled, there are thousands of promises yet to be fulfilled. Betty Mills, the family, and staff of DMM are so grateful for the outpouring of prayers, love and concern. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. As soon as possible we will post the service times and other information.

We wanted to let all our partners and supporters know that Dick has been in the hospital this last week. Since last Saturday, he has taken a dramatic turn and it appears as though the Lord is preparing to take him home. He has been released from the hospital and is coming home in hospice care today. Please keep family and ministry in prayer during this difficult time. We will be giving daily updates to this page to keep you informed. We greatly appreciate all your prayers and support. You may also visit us on our Facebook fan page. Just type in "Dick Mills Ministries." Please scroll down for more updates. - Karlene Ponte, Exec. Sec. DMM, May 23, 2012

UPDATE: Dick had some difficulties develop late yesterday and we had to take him back to the hospital. They were able to resolve the issue and in the early morning hours he came back home. He has been resting comfortably now. Betty especially wants to thank all of you for your loving responses - they are such an encouragement. Please continue your prayers and we will keep you all updated. Karlene Ponte, Exec. Sec., DMM

Thanks for visiting with us. We hope you will view this site as an important assest in your daily walk with God. Below is an article I believe you will enjoy reading. It is written by my son, David.

"A Visit From The Lord"

The word “visit usually is associated with socializing. We go to “visit” our relatives at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Friends drop in on us in order to pay us a “visit.” We go the hospital during visiting hours to see how our friends or loved ones are getting along. Our usage of the word visit invariably has a social connotation.

In Biblical usage “visit” means a lot more than dropping in on friends or relatives for friendly chit-chat. Visitation in the Hebrew language is PEQUDDAH (pek-ood-daw). Strong’s defines it as, “to oversee, mainly in an official capacity.” Young’s calls it “an inspection, a looking after.” Al Novak in his book “Hebrew Honey,” delineates visitation as “providential care, to go to anyone in kindness to see how they are. God gives life and canopies it with His favor and visits, in order to inspire.” Gesenius describes PEQUDDAH as “attending to, visiting to search, test, explore and inspect.” It also has the military connotation of a mustering or numbering of forces. Also a passing in review. An inspection to determine if the troops are ready for action. Job’s statement, “Your visitation has preserved my spirit,” has some interesting possibilities.

The Lord visits us as a doctor makes a house-call. The doctor doesn’t come to see us for social purposes. It isn’t an afternoon tea with relaxed conversing. He does come by to check us over, take our temperature, check our heart-beat, and prescribe necessary treatment. He will do all that is within his capabilities to insure that we have good health. The Lord’s visitation is like the doctor’s call. He wants to tune us up spiritually so that we can have the best of spiritual health. He is really looking out for our best interests.

Visitation is like a military inspection. The thought behind inspection is checking to see if we are properly attired for spiritual combat. In the military, the soldier wears only what is assigned him by his commander. It would be a rag-tag army if each soldier only wore what he wanted to and disregarded the other soldiers. Our commander Jesus has issued us the whole armor of God. He inspects us to see if we are wearing it. His visitation is an inspection to see of we are walking in obedience to His will for us.

Visitation is a search, test and an exploration. The Lord visits us primarily to test our reactions. The condition of our heart is vital to healthy spiritual progress. He is searching and exploring the depths of our heart. This helps us discover resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness. We could read this verse as, “Your exploring search is a preservative to my spirit.”

Visitation is providential care. Most of the modern translations consulted used the word “care” for the word “visitation.” “Your care for me preserves my spirit.” David said, “What is man that you visit him?” This verse could also read, “What is man that you care for him the way you do?” His visitation is providential care. This care watches over our progress, looks us over for improvement, prepares us for the future and ends with our perfection. Don’t fear or dread the Lord’s visitation. It’s for our good. He won’t destroy us, He will preserve us.

En Agape
Dick Mills