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How To Color Code Your Bible

I am frequently asked about Scripture memorization. When I explain how I spent over a year color-coding key verses, invariably people want the details. The items needed are: color pencils (I use “Eberhard-Faber Col-Erase Pencils”), a good concordance, and your favorite Bible. In the early fifties I used a King-James Bible, so I also used the Strong’s concordance. Since there are so many great new translations with so much to contribute, it might be best to mark a favorite translation that has a concordance. Not all modern translations have one.

There is no significance in the order of the list or the colors chosen to represent each subject. Simply, these are the colors that work best for me, you of course can change them to suit your own preference.

RED – Salvation - Includes words like redemption, forgiveness, the blood of Jesus, and atonement
YELLOW – Holy Spirit - Translations will use a capital “S” if it’s the Holy Spirit and a lower case “s” if it’s the human spirit.
GREEN – Word of God - The actual words of the Lord as well as precepts, statutes, commandments, promises, and sayings are included.
BROWN – Name of the Lord - And anything that is said about His name.
PURPLE – Praise verses - Any words that relate to praise i.e. joy, dance, thanksgiving, rejoicing, shouting, etc. . .
ORANGE – Wisdom words - Draw a circle around words of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Also, encircle signs, wonders, and miracles. This leaves the rest of the verse for other coloration if needed.
SLATE – Humble reminders - I mark pride, conceit, and self-exaltation words so I have a constant reminder to walk humbly with the Lord our God. (Micah 6:8)
BLUE – Misc. - Any subject not already covered by the other colors.

Color-coding is a discipline that takes time. I pray you will be able to work this into your busy schedule. You will find it an exciting journey that will give you a great appreciation for the promises of God. I hope you will go for it.